Cookies – 6 dz.


Old-fashioned flavors, affectionately made with ingredients of integrity.

Our perfected recipes for:

Chocolate Chunk (not chip) think Toll House, we use Guitard bittersweet chocolate chunks.

Oatmeal Raisin – We use Giusto’s Gluten Free oats, these cookies aren’t too sweet, perfectly soft & chewy.

Sugar & Spice – 3 kinds of ginger- fresh, crystallized and ground- lots of other spices including black pepper, molasses makes them crisp and chewy.

Snickerdoodle – Kind of a sugar cookie, rolled in cinnamon & sugar before they bake, the cookies fall as they cool creating the characteristic Snickerdoodle crinkle.

These cookies are our Lunchbox size, one ounce each (as opposed to the giant 3 oz cookies in our jars in the store).

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