Dear Friends of Jimtown,

For the past 28 years, Jimtown Store has been an extension of my home, an expression of my sense of hospitality and a way to present my creative style. Our mission and purpose has always been to serve the local community. Connecting with our customers and employees, many of whom have become great friends, has been the most rewarding part of the entire enterprise. The support of my family, team, neighbors and friends has sustained me through droughts, floods, pipeline construction, recessions, power outages and especially the recent Kincade fire. I have grown to understand what it means to stand for the community, to be a contributing citizen and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to hopefully make a difference.

Now it’s time for me to make a change and close this chapter in the history of Jimtown.
December 30th, will be our last day open.

There are many factors that have brought me to this decision but the rising expense of running a business to the loss of income at prime season due to the fires of the past 3 years have tipped the balance. While we are the beneficiaries of agricultural zoning that protects the rural character of open space, being 8 miles from Healdsburg, the reality is that the lack of local transportation and affordable housing nearby has made it nearly impossible to hire and retain qualified people. The Jimtown team is incredibly hardworking and loyal, yet without access to more people who can work, we are challenged to grow and be successful.

I’m sad to tell you that the Jimtown fresh condiment line, our Fig & Olive, Chopped Olive, Artichoke, Olive & Caper spreads and Spicy Pepper Jam, has also ended 25 plus-years of production. The popular extension of our brand for wholesale throughout the west coast has lost its manufacturing facility. I haven’t been able to find a viable home to make it and this is another contributing factor to closing.

All said, the Alexander Valley is one of the most stunning places on the planet; our Jimtown view is priceless. This singular sense of place feeds my soul; it is in no small part why I continued to underwrite our 1890’s historic country store. For 28 years my aim has always been to keep our beautiful place vibrant and viable.

What’s next? I don’t have a succession plan. I would like to stay in my chosen community but honestly, it’s now time for me to move forward.

Jimtown Store is once again a prime opportunity for reinvention. I hope to find a leasee or buyer with a deep commitment to the community, someone who would like to create the next vision for this iconic place. Stop by the store for a meal or visit this December, our hours are posted on our website. Please reach out to me and definitely share this information with your friends.

Jimtown has been a labor of love and I have enjoyed my tenure immensely. Thank you for your support, concern and affection.

My very best,
Carrie Brown

[email protected]