Current Album: Out & About at Jimtown
Jimtown in the sun.
The wood barn from Carrie's garden.
Carrie Brown
Dashiell basking in the sun.
Cheese plate for a catering client.
The end of Summer fruits, moving into Autumn.
Cookies for Spring.
Our garden bed.
Tomatoes from the Jimtown garden.
Happy Birthday Healdsburg Farmer's Market.
Yetsi & Alex working Jimtown's booth at the Healdsburg Farmer's Market.
Farmer's Market goodies.
Beginnings of the yearly Jimtown Garden.
Making Orange-Ginger Marmalade in the Jimtown kitchen.
Jimmy warming up on the back of the Jimtown Truck.
The amazing views from our back yard.
Not quite Jimtown Wine yet.
Bottling Jimtown Wine with the help of our neighbors, Hawkes Wine.
Carrie watches the bottling line.
Keep 'em moving.
Labels awaiting bottles.
Finished product.
Having fun working a Jimtown catering event.
Delicious Jimtown Spicy Pepper Jam.
Custom Gift Baskets.
Current Album: Out & About at Jimtown